Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday!  Our week has been more of the same - packing, visiting, packing, playing, etc. with a trip to Burgaw thrown in the middle!

We had a terrific weekend with Aaron's family!  We had a good-bye party with family and friends, enjoyed time with lots of people, and Aaron preached on Sunday morning for his home church!!

Sweet MK!

The cousins made a choo-choo

Aaron with his dad and sister

Hello Starbucks!  I am obsessed with coffee.  Not just my regular cup-o-joe at home, but the good stuff -  ie: fancy, girly, sweet specialy drinks from coffee shops.  I try and be careful when it comes to spending, but especially this time of year, when they bring out the holiday red cups and the weather gets a little chilly...I just can't resist :)


Christmas Music!  I used to be a "wait until after Thanksgiving" girl, but it just can't get here soon enough!  I love Christmas music, movies, and decorating, and I want to start now!!  Of course, we are moving, so our decorating will have to wait for Oklahoma, but the movies and music have commenced, and the celebrating of our Savior coming to the earth as a baby so that he could live the sinless life that we couldn't and die the death that we deserved to die, so that we can trust in him and receive the free gift of salvation by grace through faith....well... that is something I just want to be reminded of daily.

This album is on my list to get soon:

And, this one looks really good:

Oh, and I am embarrassed to say that this album has been a favorite for years haha:

This one is probably an all-time favorite:
Product Details


Friends!  We have had playdates, dinner dates, babysitting help, and packing help.  We have been so blessed by our dear friends here in Wake Forest and I can't even think about not living life along side of them.  It hurts my heart.  But, then I think about how gracious God has been to even have given us any time at all with these people, let alone over 7 years. Even though we are sad to leave, our good God is sovereign and provided for us like we couldn't imagine.  We have already began friendships in Oklahoma  - people have been so generous - and these friendships here in North Carolina will continue as well (just not in the same way), and we are so thankful.  It is a great thing to be able to leave a place sad, because some of your closest friends and family are there, but to also move somewhere where people are eager to love, serve, and live life along side of you.  We are truly blessed by both!

Aaron's last night of working third shift in seminary is over!! We are officially done being on opposite schedules and I am thrilled!  I am so proud of him and humbled at the way he serves and loves our family.  He has worked a third shift job since before Emma was born, and also been part-time staff at our church for over 7 years.  He works hard, and I am fortunate enough to stay home with our sweet girls because of his efforts.  I am truly blessed and looking forward to enjoying many more nights where he is not leaving after the girls are in bed!  :)

10 days left in Wake Forest, followed by 4 nights in Hickory, a 3 day drive, and we will be in Oklahoma!  I cannot get over it!

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